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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-08Antimicrobial properties of plant fibers for biomedical applicationsAlexis, Frank; Santiago, Nelson; Miño Toro, Karla Wanda
2021-12Bacteria associated with sessile marine invertebrates as a source of active metabolites for their application in human and animal healthAlexis, Frank; González Avilés, Maily Selena
2020-12Biofilm formation on the surfaces of fibersAlexis, Frank; Fiallos Ayala, Xiomira Andreina
2020-02Biomass-based hydrogels to prevent diseases related to nematodes in agricultureAlexis, Frank; Castillo Morales, José Antonio; Sulen Burgos, María Eugenia
2020-12Biomedical science to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic: current status and future perspectivesAlexis, Frank; Clavijo Calderón, David Francisco
2020-07Cellulose Extraction For Sport Clothing.Alexis, Frank; Gushque Lamiña, Edison Fernando
2022-01Cellulose-based microspheres as a possible method for drug release in the treatment of leishmaniasis diseaseAlexis, Frank; Guagchinga Moreno, Genesis Yulisa
2019-08Composites reinforced with plant fibers for biomedical applicationsAlexis, Frank; Benavides Romo, Patricia Estefania
2021-06Degradation mechanisms of cellulose extracted from Ecuadorian plantsAlexis, Frank; Gordillo Corrales, Andrea Belén
2021-12Design of functional CaF2 nanoparticles for bioimagingAlexis, Frank; Pila Varela, Kevin Omar
2021-07Development of new masks for preventing viral infectionsAlexis, Frank; Insuasti Cruz, Erick Vinicio
2022-10Drug delivery system: designing hydrogels as machinery for anti-inflammatory therapeutics from plant diversity of EcuadorLucero Borja, Diego Sebastian; Alexis, Frank; Zamora Mendoza, Lizbeth Carolina
2020-05Ecuadorian native plants as possible volatile organic compounds reducing agents in air pollutionAlexis, Frank; Encalada Barahona, María Doménica
2021-12Encapsulation of probiotics to enhance survival of shrimpsAlexis, Frank; Taipe Chanalata, Luis Armando
2021-05Evaluation of the antimicrobial properties of cellulose extracted from ecuadorian plantsAlexis, Frank; Gordillo Corrales, Rocío Catalina
2020-01Microcrystalline cellulose extracted from Ecuadorian native plants as an excipient for solid dosage formulations in drug deliveryAlexis, Frank; Viera Herrera, Camila Fernanda
2020-02Natural cellulose as a solution to remediate aldehyde volatile organic compounds in air pollutionAlexis, Frank; Bravo Salazar, Robinson Isaac
2020-12Optimization of Cellulose Extraction Protocol for the Obtention of Fibers with Immunostimulant Properties to Treat Litopenaeus vannamei VibriosisAlexis, Frank; Yánez Vaca, Sabrina Abigail
2022-08Physicochemical characterization of biopolymer extracted from the biodiversity of Ecuador as potential adsorbent for removal of heavy metals ions from wastewaterRamírez Cando, Lenin Javier; Chacón Torres, Julio César; Alexis, Frank; Caicho Caranqui, Jhonny Israel
2019-08Possible immunostimulant effect of fibers to treat vibriosis in shrimpAlexis, Frank; García Pinargote, David Andrés