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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-10Analysis of intracorporeal communication channels from 100 KHz to 200 MHz: experimental transmission characteristicsAlmeida Galárraga, Diego Alfonso; Muñoz Guerrero, Michelle Camila
2021-12Brain tumor segmentation based on 2D U-Net using MRI multi-modalities brain imagesAlmeida Galárraga, Diego Alfonso; Tene Hurtado, Daniela Verónica
2023-11Detection of brain pathologies by machine learning using EEG signals (1D) and EEG surface images (3D): comparative analysisAlmeida Galárraga, Diego Alfonso; Amaguaña Marmol, Daniel Alfredo
2024-05Development of a neural network for analysis of external radiotherapy treatment for breast cancerAlmeida Galárraga, Diego Alfonso; Rodríguez Ormaza, Paula; Sevilla Flores, Deynna Lizbeth
2022-09Development of a system to detect stress using physiological signalsAlmeida Galárraga, Diego Alfonso; Salum, Graciela Marisa; Vásquez Ucho, Paola Aracely
2022-09Electrical characterization of flexible ECG patchAlmeida Galárraga, Diego Alfonso; Milán Cucurí, Nataly Sabina
2024-04Fatigue detection in the vastus lateralis muscle based on sEMG signal analysisAlmeida Galárraga, Diego Alfonso; Figueroa Guayllas, Marilyn Elizabeth
2021-11Rapid detection of cardiac pathologies by neural networks using ECG signals (1D) and sECG images (3D): exploratory study with 6-channel ECGAlmeida Galárraga, Diego Alfonso; Aguiar Salazar, Evelyn Dayana
2023-02-08Using deep learning for arrhythmia detection from electrocardiographic signalsAlmeida Galárraga, Diego Alfonso; Peluffo Ordóñez, Diego Hernán; Cepeda Muñoz, Eduardo Luis