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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024-05AFM settings of SH-SY5Y morphology assessment for in vitro toxicological testingRamírez Cando, Lenin Javier; Reinoso Jerez, Carlos Alberto; Ordóñez Sánchez, Ronny Alexander
2022-09Application of an aquaculture byproduct-based biosorbent for the removal of pollutants in aquatic systemsRamírez Cando, Lenin Javier; Burbano Benavides, Cinthia Julisa
2023-03Biological and chemical analysis of sludge from the wastewater treatment system in a mining industry campRamírez Cando, Lenin Javier; Cobos Granda, Dayana Elizabeth
2023-01Cytotoxicity assessment of mancozeb 80% (commercially aviable) on human neuroblastoma cell lineRamírez Cando, Lenin Javier; Cuadros Buenaventura, Evelin Geoconda
2023-12Cytotoxicity of chlorpyrifos on SH-SY5Y human neuroblastoma cell lineRamírez Cando, Lenin Javier; Ballaz García, Santiago Jesús; Rodríguez Cazar, Lizeth Geomara
2021-08Design of an integral treatment system to reduce the impact of eutrophication in the Yahuarcocha lagoonRamírez Cando, Lenin Javier; León Chamorro, Francisco Rafael
2022-02Ecotoxicological assessment of activated sludgeRamírez Cando, Lenin Javier; Sinche Chele, Federico Leonardo; Angulo Maya, Robert Steve
2022-09Effects of imidacloprid and acetamiprid during the in vitro neuronal differentiation of SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cellsRamírez Cando, Lenin Javier; Ballaz García, Santiago Jesús; Guzmán Vallejos, Marcelo Steven
2022-02Mechanism and control of eutrophication in a freshwater ecosystemRamírez Cando, Lenin Javier; Cadena Herrera, Erick Marcelo
2024-05Molecular docking as a tool to search vaccine candidates against Salmonella targeting poultryRamírez Cando, Lenin Javier; Pérez Cárdenas, Mariela Alexandra; Noble Miranda, Cynthia Samantha
2024-06Molecular docking of IgY against Salmonella spp. as potential vaccine for veterinary useRamírez Cando, Lenin Javier; Pérez Cárdenas, Mariela Alexandra; Acosta Tobar, Luis Ángel
2022-08Physicochemical characterization of biopolymer extracted from the biodiversity of Ecuador as potential adsorbent for removal of heavy metals ions from wastewaterRamírez Cando, Lenin Javier; Chacón Torres, Julio César; Alexis, Frank; Caicho Caranqui, Jhonny Israel
2021-11Review of isolation, bacterial biomass generation and field application of nitrogen-fixing bacteriaRamírez Cando, Lenin Javier; Monteverde Navas, Doménica Nicole
2023-12Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs): biosynthesis, characterization and biomedical applicationRamírez Cando, Lenin Javier; Vargas Pérez, Bryan Patricio
2022-10Study of classical molecular dynamics of viral proteinsRamírez Cando, Lenin Javier; Yánez Arcos, Dayanara Lissette
2023-03Sugar-assisted green synthesis of inorganic nanoparticles: methodologies, products and applicationsRamírez Cando, Lenin Javier; Chuya Sumba, Cristina Mariela
2024-05Synthesis and characterization of Samarium Doped-Hydroxyapatite and preliminary cytotoxicity studyGonzález Vázquez, Gema; Briceño Araujo, Sarah Elisa; Ramírez Cando, Lenin Javier; Enríquez Olivo, Stephanie Nicole