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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-10Babymed: pulse oximeter adapted to premature babies with low cost crib death detectionSalum, Graciela Marisa; Valenzuela Guerra, Andrea Alejandra
2021-12Bacteria associated with sessile marine invertebrates as a source of active metabolites for their application in human and animal healthAlexis, Frank; González Avilés, Maily Selena
2021-08Balancing an articulated pole, controlled by artificial intelligence using an Arduino boardChang Tortolero, Oscar Guillermo; Revelo Orellana, José Luis
2022-06Baseflow characterization on selected river catchments in the Northern Andean of EcuadorPineda Ordóñez, Luis Eduardo; Oña Morales, Lisbeth Alexandra
2022-03Basic molecular electronics through break junction measurementsBramer Escamilla, Werner; Medina Dagger, Ernesto Antonio; Correa Rosales, Daniel Fernando
2021-05Bayesian filters for parameter estimations in istochastic differential equations mixed-effects modelsInfante Quirpa, Saba Rafael; Quito Mendoza, Brandon Estéfano
2019-08Bayesian procedure for characterizing the physical parameters of the Binary Black Hole coalescence GW-170814Ramírez Velásquez, José Manuel; Torres Sánchez, Víctor Alexander
2020-07Beam Dynamics In Fourth Generation Linacs: Sirius And Clear Fist DataYepes Ramírez, Harold; Cocha Toapaxi, Carlos Eduardo
2020-09Bibliographic Review of methods of detection of Ventricular Fibrillation based on ECG signalsSalum, Marisa Graciela; Tacuri Pineda, José Andrés
2023-07Bibliographic review western cordilleraVázquez Taset, Yaniel Misael; Paillacho Simbaña, Bladimir Robinson
2021-12Big Data Analysis using CUR AlgorithmAmaro Martín, Isidro Rafael; Enríquez Pinto, Marco Andrés
2023-05Biochar-based materials for oil industry wastewater treatment: a reviewRicaurte Fernández, Marvin José; Díaz García, Bryan Manuel
2020-03Biocompatible Thermo-Responsive poly(VCL-co-PEGDA) Hydrogels for Controlled Drug Delivery Systems.DÍaz Barrios, Antonio; González, Gemma; Romero Herdoiza, Jocelyn Fernanda
2022-02Biodiversity of arachnids (Araneae) in eco touristic places in Imbabura, northern of EcuadorTellkamp Tietz, Markus Patricio; Quilumbango Grijalva, Daniel Sebastian
2020-12Biofilm formation on the surfaces of fibersAlexis, Frank; Fiallos Ayala, Xiomira Andreina
2021-06Biogenic selenium nanoparticles in biomedical sciences: properties, current trends, novel opportunities and emerging challenges in theranostic nanomedicine of seleniumSantiago Vispo, Nelson Francisco; Zambonino Soria, Marjorie Cristhine
2021-07Biogenic sulfur-based nanocrystals: methods of fabrication and applicationsTerencio, Thibault; Yanchatuña Aguayo, Oscar Patricio
2021-12Bioinformatic analysis of neutralizing antibodies three-dimensional structures associated to SARS-CoV-2Pérez Cárdenas, Mariela Alexandra; Maldonado Cuascota, Lady Belén
2023-03Biological and chemical analysis of sludge from the wastewater treatment system in a mining industry campRamírez Cando, Lenin Javier; Cobos Granda, Dayana Elizabeth
2020-02Biomass-based hydrogels to prevent diseases related to nematodes in agricultureAlexis, Frank; Castillo Morales, José Antonio; Sulen Burgos, María Eugenia