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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-08Spectroscopic and Microscopic Characterization of Homogeneous Dispersed Kaolinite/Carbon Nanotubes NanocompositesChacón Torres, Julio C.; Hinojosa Chasiquiza, Vanessa Giselle
2019-08Characterizing the physical parameters of the Black Hole Binary coalescence GW170104: Distances, Masses, and Spins.Ramírez Velásquez, José Manuel; Solórzano Aguilar, Carlo Magno
2019-08Study of Sagittarius A* X-ray Spectra FlaresRamírez Velásquez, José Manuel; Contreras Guerra, Pablo Daniel
2019-08Synthesis and characterization of nanostructured of TiO2 materials for controlled release of antiepileptic drugsGonzález Vásquez, Gema; Proaño Reyes, Cristian Eduardo
2019-08Synthesis and characterization of bentonite nanocomposites with SDS And MWCNTsChacón Torres, Julio C.; Calderón Cordero, Claudia Emilia
2019-08Conductive/Luminescence hybrid compounds based on chitosan doped with LiClO4 and ZnOGonzález Vásquez, Gema; Gurumendi Sánchez, Marlon Patricio
2019-08Collagen Remineralization Induced by an Electric FieldGonzález Vásquez, Gema; Sulca Buitrón, Kabir Paúl
2019-09Zirconia doped carbon nanotubes a Nanostructured systems for biosensor applicationsGonzález Vásquez, Gema; Jerez Masaquiza, Marlon Danny
2019-09PLA a comprehensive review, and the obtaining of its monomer from sugarcane bagasseLobos, Juan; Jamett Cobeña, Alex Daniel
2019-08Theory and Spectroscopy of Nitrogen-Doped Vertically-Aligned Multi-Walled Carbon NanotubesChacón Torres, Julio C.; Cortez Gómez, Sebastián Ismael