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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-01Micropaleontological study of the varved unit of the San Miguel Formation, Guayllabamba basin, Ecuador, and a protocol for extraction, preparation, and analysis of diatoms in paleoclimate studiesCarlosama Morejón, Felipe Javier; Núñez Cedeño, Nadine Anael
2023-01System for monitoring and digital processing electrical signals from the heart to record and detect anomaliesVillalba Meneses, Gandhi Fernando; Valverde Montaño, Marilyn Stefany
2023-01Variation of the paleomagnetic and rock magnetic properties across a ~20 m thick andesitic lava flow (Tungurahua Volcano, Ecuador): implications for paleointensityPérez Roa, Richard Anselmi; Foster, Anna Elizabeth; Mandon, Celine Lucie; Piispa, Elisa Johanna; Malán Chugñay, Guido Efraín
2023-01Optimization problems using the particle swarm optimization algorithmFonseca Delgado, Rigoberto Salomón; Chancay Moreira, Stalyn Javier
2023-01-27Smart remote control of joysticks with ArduinoHidrobo Torres, Francisco Javier; Hernández Rodríguez, Marcos Antonio
2023-01Improving the learning capacities of reinforcement learning agentsRivas Echeverria, Francklin Iván; Paredes Carranza, Carlos Andrés
2023-02Chemical synthesis and characterization of monothiadiazine, and its evaluation of the humoral response in BALB/c miceSpencer Valero, Lilian Maritza; Rodríguez Cabrera, Hortensia María; Andrade Medrano, Wilman Isaac
2023-02-08Using deep learning for arrhythmia detection from electrocardiographic signalsAlmeida Galárraga, Diego Alfonso; Peluffo Ordóñez, Diego Hernán; Cepeda Muñoz, Eduardo Luis
2023-01Q-learning to develop an IoT network controlled by an agentArmas Arciniega, Julio Joaquín; Cabascango Anrango, Gissel Vanessa
2023-02-09Optimization of ethanol production from organic whey using kluyveromyces yeast in batch fermentation systemCastillo Morales, José Antonio; Cuasquer Chulde, Joselyn Andrea