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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-04Optical flow sensor to measure the displacement of objects in videoChang Tortolero, Oscar Guillermo; Morejón Macías, Winter Joshue
2020-03Path planning simulation in controlled environments using the Ant Colony Optimization algorithmPineda Arias, Israel Gustavo; Guarnizo Cabezas, Oscar Vicente
2020-07Theory and Implementation of the Savvy Ball Method with application to machine learningPeluffo Ordoñez, Diego Hernán; Manosalvas Holguín, Peter Sly
2020-07Reserve System for Institutional AutobusesAntón Castro, Francesc; Caraguay Ordoñez, Henry Fabricio
2020-07Comparison of radial distortion correction models for self photogrammetric camera calibrationAntón Castro, Francesc; Molina Ron, María Fernanda
2020-10Forecasting the Consumer Price Index (CPI) of Ecuador: A Comparative Study of Predictive ModelsChang Tortolero, Oscar Guillermo; Riofrío Valarezo, Juan Fernando
2020-09Existence of a solution for a discontinuous problem involving the p-Laplacian operatorMayorga Zambrano, Juan Ricardo; Tallana Chimarro, Darwin Xavier
2020-10Numerical monoids, numerical operads and applications to combinatorics.Méndez Pérez, Miguel Angel; Sabando Álvarez, María Cristina
2020-08Biometric system based on electroencephalogram analysisPineda Arias, Israel Gustavo; Fonseca Delgado, Rigoberto Salomón; Carrión Ojeda, Dustin Javier
2020-12Cryptography System Implementation Using Neurocomputational Model and Deep LearningChang Tortolero, Oscar Guillermo; Valencia Ramos, Rafael Alejandro