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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-05Sociodynamical models on real social networksCosenza Miceli, Mario Giuseppe; Cárdenas Sabando, Ronald Andrés
2021-06Generation of false color images of pigments and colorants in heritage artworksGonzález Vázquez, Gema; Almeida Cuatín, Jhonatann Carlos
2021-05Study of the Starobinsky inflationary model into the slow-roll approximationRojas Cely, Clara Inés; Orozco Sánchez, Esteban Alejandro
2021-06Measuring the spin-polarization of oligopeptide molecule: ab initio and tight-binding calculationMowbray, Duncan John; Medina Dagger, Ernesto Antonio; Hidalgo Sacoto, Raúl Alejandro
2021-06Interphase analysis of viscous flow in porous media to enhance oil recoveryMedina Dagger, Ernesto Antonio; León Fon Fay, Dalena Romina
2021-06Structural characterization and electrochemical properties of natural carbon fibers decorated with nanoparticlesGonzález Vásquez, Gema; Briceño, Sarah; Corredor, Luis; Gaona Torres, Steven Javier
2021-07Digital Compasses Calibration in KM3NeTYepes Ramírez, Harold; Darquea Chauca, Bryan Daniel
2021-07Density-functional theory studies on the diamond surfaces and effect of hydrogenation and surface carbon vacancies on the atomic and electronic structurePinto Esperanza, Henry Paul; Narváez Adams, Roberth Mateo
2021-08Study of the tensor power spectrum for the Starobinsky inflationary model using the uniform approximation methodRojas Cely, Clara Inés; Altamirano Coello, David Alejandro
2021-10Study of the scalar power spectrum in the generalized Starobinsky modelRojas Cely, Clara Inés; Meza Anzules, Stefano Rafael