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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01Conversion of solar radiation into heat through carbon nanotubes with potential industrial applicationsReinoso Jerez, Carlos Alberto; Medina Dagger, Ernesto Antonio; Corredor González, Luis Gerardo; Huera Solórzano, Ariel Alexander
2022-01Construction of a quantum conductance equipment based on the Scanning Tunnelling MicroscopeBramer Escamilla, Werner; Caiza Chicaiza, Byron Alexis
2022-03Basic molecular electronics through break junction measurementsBramer Escamilla, Werner; Medina Dagger, Ernesto Antonio; Correa Rosales, Daniel Fernando
2022-07Study of the Scalar Power Spectrum for the chaotic inflationary model with a stepRojas Cely, Clara; Calvache Trávez, Lenin Wladimir
2022-06Development and implementation of a universal quantum simulator using the Qiskit platformGuevara Granizo, Marco Vinicio; Cofre Caiza, Gabriel Alexander
2022-08Study of hydrogenic model of dyons with zero spinRojas Cely, Clara Inés; García Veloz, Edison Fernando
2022-08Calculation of the differential conductance of a normal/superconductor junction in decorated GraphenePeralta Arcia, Mayra Alejandra de Jesús; Vera Nieto, Ricardo Andrés
2022-08Temporal causality in quantum teleportationGuevara Granizo, Marco Vinicio; Pineda Jimenez, Jonnathan Sebastian
2022-07lectronic and transport properties of graphene decorated with alkali metals (Li and K)Peralta Arcia, Mayra Alejandra de Jesús; Chacon Torres, Julio Cesar; Vaca Chanatasig, Cristina Magdalena
2022-07Computational studies on the atomic and electronic structure of γ − Al 2O3 surfacesPinto Esparza, Henry; Ayala León, María Paula