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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07Forecasting groundwater level recession patterns through ARIMA and Hidden Markov Model: A comparative studyMorocho Cayamcela, Manuel Eugenio; Chaglla Aguagallo, Diana Karina
2021-05Bayesian filters for parameter estimations in istochastic differential equations mixed-effects modelsInfante Quirpa, Saba Rafael; Quito Mendoza, Brandon Estéfano
2021-07Concentration and multiplicity of solutions for a non-linear Schrödinger equation with critical frequency: infinite caseMayorga Zambrano, Juan Ricardo; Aguas Barreno, Ariel Alejandro
2021-12Big Data Analysis using CUR AlgorithmAmaro Martín, Isidro Rafael; Enríquez Pinto, Marco Andrés
2021-12C0-Semigroups in the controllability of semilinear systems of differential equations with fractional perturbations, impulses and delay: reaction-diffusion and wave equationsLeiva, Hugo; Padilla Segarra, Adrián Rodrigo
2021-12Control theory of a differential systemLeiva, Hugo; García Pinargote, Katherine Jazmín
2021-12Stochastic volatility models in finance: measurement of financial stress in EcuadorInfante Quirpa, Saba Rafael; Bautista Vega, Henry Fabian
2021-12Semilinear neutral differential equations with impulses and nonlocal conditions. Existence of solutions and controllabilityLeiva, Hugo; Riera Segura, Lenin Rafael
2021-12Some generalizations coming from the study of the discrete nagumo equationAcosta Orellana, Antonio Ramón; Ayala Bolagay, María José
2022-01Mathematical and computational modeling for the design of smart cities in EcuadorPineda Arias, Israel Gustavo; Yangali Sánchez, Roger Joel