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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-02Synthesis of N-alkoxy phthalimides and their electrochemical behaviorPalma Cando, Alex Uriel; Frontana Uribe, Bernardo Antonio; Patiño Alonzo, Erick Steven
2020-03Synthesis and Characterization of Nanocomposite- based Electrode: A Preliminary Evaluation of Their Capabilities for the Photo-assisted Electrochemical Degradation of Contaminants.Suppan Flores, Gottfried Andrés; Cruz Balaz, María José
2020-03Biocompatible Thermo-Responsive poly(VCL-co-PEGDA) Hydrogels for Controlled Drug Delivery Systems.DÍaz Barrios, Antonio; González, Gemma; Romero Herdoiza, Jocelyn Fernanda
2020-07Kinetics of the Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Polyamines in Iron Coordination Compounds.Saucedo Vázquez, Juan Pablo; López Taco, Iván Augusto
2020-03Study of metalloproteins involved in nitrogen fixation in sugarcane.Saucedo Vázquez, Juan Pablo; Chicaiza Lema, Michelle Beatriz
2020-01Determination of the biological activities of the components present in the venom from the endemic Ecuadorian scorpion Teuthraustes aff. atramentariusMorera Córdova, Vivian; Corzo Burguete, Gerardo; Flores Naranjo, Eddy Mateo
2020-03Synthesis of inorganic biomimetics of the FeMo cofactor of Nitrogenase enzyme.Saucedo Vázquez, Juan Pablo; Sosa Torres, Martha Elena; Jiménez Guailla, Steven Javier
2020-04Synthesis and characterization of hematite electrodes: preliminary results in the photoelectrochemical conversion of glycerol into value added productsPalma Cando, Alex Uriel; Peñafiel Vicuña, Sofia Silvana
2020-03Preparation And Characterization Of Modified-Cellulose Samples Obtained From Biomass For Potential Use In The Toxic Metal Removal.López González, Floralba Aggeny; De Lima Eljuri, Lola María; Saquinga Tirado, Dayana Nathaly
2020-04Preparation and Characterization of Emulsions containing Blueberries Mill Extract to be used as a Moisturizing and Antioxidant AgentLópez González, Floralba Aggeny; Oropeza Orea, Ruth; Barreiro Tobar, Saríah Alejandra