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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-02An experimental and theoretical approach to diaminodicyanoquinodimethanes derivatives with luminescent and biological activitiesRodríguez Cabrera, Hortensia; Jiménez Granda, Edison Rafael
2020-02Ph Sensitivity Polymers For Potential Biomedical Application Obtained By Gamma-RayHidalgo Bonilla, Sandra Patricia; Salum, Graciela Marisa; Bustamante Torres, Moisés René
2020-02Sales Forecast by using Convolutional Neural NetworksChang Tortolero, Oscar Guillermo; Velasteguí Sandoval, Ronny Xavier
2020-02Removal of Crystal Violet Dye from Aqueous Solution Using Ecuadorian Black Sands as Photocatalytic AdsorbentsPalma Cando, Alex Uriel; Gómez Gómez, Johanna Mishell
2020-02Credit Card Fraud Detection using Artificial IntelligenceChang Tortolero, Oscar Guillermo; Zhinin Vera, Luis Fernando
2020-02Prediction of time series using different types of forecasting methods enhanced with a meta-learning approachFonseca Delago, Rigoberto Salomón; Betancourt Benavides, Hugo Ernesto; Brito González, Carlos Andrés
2020-02Synthesis of triangular silver nanoplates as a platform for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopyChacón Torres, Julio C.; Arcos Pareja, José Andrés
2020-02Study of Artificial Intelligence Models Applied to the Analysis of Electroencephalograms in Alzheimer’s DiseaseFonseca Delgado, Rigoberto Salomón; Martínez Arias, Paola Nathaly
2020-03Seismic body-wave attenuation of the crust and upper mantle beneath Alaska.Foster, Anna Elizabeth; Salas Pazmiño, Cristhian Paul
2020-07Beam Dynamics In Fourth Generation Linacs: Sirius And Clear Fist DataYepes Ramírez, Harold; Cocha Toapaxi, Carlos Eduardo