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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-07Beam Dynamics In Fourth Generation Linacs: Sirius And Clear Fist DataYepes Ramírez, Harold; Cocha Toapaxi, Carlos Eduardo
2020-07Study of the scalar cosmological perturbations up to first order in deviation for the chaotic inflationary model.Rojas Cely, Clara Inés; Tapia Mora, Truman Emanuel
2020-04First-principles studies of the electronic and mechanical properties of 𝛼-Al/𝛾-Al2O3(111) multilayer compositePinto Esparza, Henry Paúl; Vásconez López, Edwin Marcelo
2020-03Dualities by gravitational decoupling in 2+1 dimensional spacetimes with cosmological term.Medina Dagger, Ernesto Antonio; Contreras Herrada, Ernesto José; Ramos Cisneros, Anthony Sebastian
2020-07Anisotropic interior solutions and Buchdahl’s limit in the context of gravitational decouplingMedina Dagger, Ernesto Antonio; Contreras Herrada, Ernesto José; Arias Pruna, Cynthia Belén
2020-06Preliminary study of the angular dependence on light detection efficiency for the KM3NeT DOMYepes Ramírez, Harold; Mendoza Celorio, Génesis Marisol
2020-07Solving the atomic structure of ultra-thin CaF2 layers on the Si(100) surfacePinto Esparza, Henry Paúl; Salazar Mejía, Joshua Mateo
2020-07Tight binding model of a superconducting nanowireMedina Dagger, Ernesto Antonio; Torres Luna, Juan Daniel
2020-06Conductance measurements on atomic-sized contacts of gold using a low-cost mechanically controllable break junction equipmentBramer Escamilla, Werner; López, Alexander; Borja Espinosa, Carla Nataly
2020-07Controlled quantum teleportation over noisy channelsSvozilík, Jiri; Vega Alcívar, Andrés Paúl