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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-02Nanocomposite of clay loads prefuncionalized carbon nanotubes for absorption of hydrogen sulfide inside oil fieldGonzález Vázquez, Gema; Puruncaja Catota, Alexandra Maribel
2021-01Manufacture of thin film memcapacitor aluminum oxide nanopores filled with copper oxide by electrochemical self-organizing templateGonzález Vázquez, Gema; Zapata Gavilanes, Richard Santiago
2021-05Fabrication and characterization of alumina/graphenebased ceramics via sol-gel and reactive spark plasma sintering methodVacacela, Cristian; Zamora Ledezma, Camilo; Rios Andagoya, Lady Jaqueline
2021-06Carbon nanotubes growth using nanoparticle catalysts on diatoms substratesGonzález Vásquez, Gema; Briceño, Sarah; Mina Villarreal, María Cristina
2021-06Designing a passive cooling material based on woodMedina Dagger, Ernesto Antonio; Bermeo Alvaro, Domenica Romina
2021-06Adsorption of glyphosate in water by Fe3O4@TiO2 nanocompositeBriceño Araujo, Sarah Elisa; Paredes Carranza, Edison Patricio
2021-05Catalyst dependency for the growth of carbon nanotubesReinoso, Carlos; Corredor, Luis; Andrade Aguirre, José Roberto
2021-06The optical properties of diatoms doped with plasmonic nanoparticles for biomedical applicationsGonzález Vázquez, Gema; Briceño Araujo, Sarah Elisa; León Valencia, Adrián Javier
2021-06Analytical tight binding hamiltonian for 2D black phosphorusPeralta Arcia, Mayra Alejandra de Jesús; Freire Sosa, Dennis Alejandro
2021-07Synthesis optimization for reduced graphene oxide-based electrodes from surface modified silica fibersChacón Torres, Julio César; De la Torre Oyola, María José