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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-12Deep learning for agricultural products price forecasting: the case of EcuadorCuenca Pauta, Erick Eduardo; Noboa Chávez, Sherald Damián
2024-04Deep learning techniques for hate speech detection on twitter during the 2022 national strike in EcuadorCuenca Pauta, Erick Eduardo; Escobar Cordova, Silvana Karina; Menoscal Saltos, Wilter José
2021-08Financial time series forecasting applying deep learning algorithmsCuenca Pauta, Erick Eduardo; Solís Garcés, Erik David
2024-04Forecasting exchange rate with deep learning algorithms: the US Dollar (USD) to Colombian Peso (COP) caseCuenca Pauta, Erick Eduardo; Lucero Burbano, Alejandra Valeria
2023-11Illicit tweet detection using TransformersCuenca Pauta, Erick Eduardo; Román Niemes, Stadyn Josué
2023-11Machine learning applied to the analysis of glacier massesCuenca Pauta, Erick Eduardo; Marín Calispa, Harvey Steven
2021-12Organ segmentation with computerized tomography images using neural networksCuenca Pauta, Erick Eduardo; Chuquín Rivera, Shirley Lizeth
2021-06Using big data techniques to measure the performance of professional basketball teamsCuenca Pauta, Erick Eduardo; Corella Parra, Brian Andrew
2024-05Visual analytics of traffic simulation dataArmas Andrade, Tito Rolando; Cuenca Pauta, Erick Eduardo; Almachi Loor, Christopher Hernán
2023-02-01Visualization of twitter conversations over timeCuenca Pauta, Erick Eduardo; Llumiquinga Molina, José Luis
2022-08Web application to buy-sell products and food at the Yachay Tech CampusCuenca Pauta, Erick Eduardo; Steven Ricardo, Brito Pasquel
2023-11Zero-day attacks detection using machine learning techniquesCuenca Pauta, Erick Eduardo; Armijos Inga, Arianna Belen