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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-08Synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles and study of the variation in coercivity field as a function of proportion between superparamagnetic to blocked nanoparticlesBramer Escamilla, Werner; Landázuri Cortez, Kevin Raúl
2019-08A novel hydrogen peroxide sensor based on graphite electrode modified by multiwalled carbon nanotubes doped with hydroxyapatite nanoparticlesDíaz Barrios, Antonio; Moreno Barreno, Andrés David
2019-08Implementing YOLO algorithm for real time object detection on embedded systemGuachi Guachi, Lorena de los Angeles; Ortega-Zamorano, Francisco; Silva Pincay, Paul Andre
2019-08Dissolution and regeneration of cellulose from different sources in an NaOH/urea aqueous systemNi Ming; Haro Sisa, Nigel Francisco
2019-08Retrospective cohort study of risk factors for developing acute mountain sickness and high-altitude pulmonary edema in the ecuadorian AndesBallaz García, Santiago; Machado Torrealba, Wilfre Saúl; Sánchez Blacio, Karen Elizabeth
2019-08Concentration and composition of ice nucleating particles in rain water samples from Quito, Mexico city, and altzomoni.Ladino Moreno, Luis Antonio; Hidalgo Bonilla, Sandra Patricia; Pereira Guevara, Diana Lisseth
2019-08Deterministically crowded - neuroevolution of augmenting topologiesMartinez Campos, Cédric; Ortega Zamorano, Francisco; Arellano Tamayo, William Rodolfo
2019-08Theoretical optical absorption and electron energy loss spectroscopy using LCAO-TDDFT-K-Ω of chlorophyll and carbon nanotubesMowbray, Duncan John; Preciado Rivas, María Rosa
2019-08Viscosity analysis of clay-carbon nanotubes composites as potential drilling mudsChacón Torres, Julio César; Quilumba Dutan, Verónica Alexandra
2019-08Determination of atmospheric black carbon concentration in Juriquilla and Altzomoni, MéxicoHidalgo, Sandra; Sandoval Collins, Bruno Leonel