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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-08Environmental water depollution by using hierarchically textured hybrids algae-silica monolithsSommer Márquez, Alicia Estela; Terán Arellano, Dayanara Belén
2021-07Study of catalytic solids for hydrodesulfurization using activated diatoms as supportsViloria Vera, Dario Alfredo; Bastardo González, Ernesto Luis; Carrión Loja, Daniela Marisol
2021-07Clays evaluation in CO2 capture processes: a state-of-artRicaurte Fernández, Marvin José; Tafur Guisao, Juan Pablo; Carrión Troya, David Santiago
2021-08Adding value to avocado oil industry wastes: textile wastewater treatment filters made up of activated carbonSommer Márquez, Alicia Estela; Tapia Maldonado, Enrique
2021-07Sandwich monolithsTerencio, Thibault; Riascos Flores, Alexander Ricardo
2021-06Application of the Canvas Methodology in the design of a business model for an industrial vacuum freeze-drying plantArcos Proaño, Claudio Marcelo; Inlago de la Cruz, Bryan Renan
2021-03Material selection for oil production processes based on actual Ecuadorian oil reserves characteristicsViloria Vera, Dario Alfredo; Bastidas González, Richard Nelson
2021-07Use of artificial neural networks for estimating water content of natural gas mixtures taking into account heavy hydrocarbons contributionRicaurte Fernández, Marvin José; Montenegro Madroñero, Jhon Fabián
2021-07Virtual modeling and design of an optimal light emitting diodes-based photocatalyst test systemCaetano Sousa, Manuel; Palma Cando, Alex Uriel; Fierro Pita, Oscar Alexander
2021-07Study of aluminum – pillared clays as catalyst supports for hydrodesulfurization and catalytic activityViloria Vera, Dario Alfredo; Bastardo González, Ernesto Luis; Criollo Amaguaña, Erick Damián
2021-06Synthesis and characterization of chemically cross linked carboxymethyl cellulose/chitosan composite hydrogelsDe Lima Eljuri, Lola María; Calderón Salas, Luis Alberto
2021-06Additives to improve the CO2 capture process using chemical solvents: a reviewRicaurte Fernández, Marvin José; Loachamin Maldonado, Dennis Patricio
2021-06Study of regenerability of H2S adsorption pellets based on magnetic and chemical propertiesÁvila Sosa, Edward Ebner; Gallardo Aguilar, Andrea Michelle
2021-03Reinforcement of recycled pet: A reviewMichell Uribe, Rose Mary Rita; López González, Floralba Aggeny; Guzmán Cajamarca, Bryan Ismael
2021-06Preliminary process design of magnetic separation and segregation from ferruginous and titaniferous sandsRicaurte Fernández, Marvin José; Trujillo Vera, Willam Paul
2020-09Sweetener of natural orgin: Proposal for development and small-scale production of a yacón-based sweetener (Smallanthus sonchifolius)Ferreira De Menezes Areias, Filipe Miguel; Muñoz Mejía, Yamileth Jazmín
2020-11Predictive Modeling of the Primary Settling Tank in the Ibarra Wastewater Treatment Plant based on Artificial Neural NetworksRicaurte Fernández, Marvin José; Veloz Marmolejo, Carlos Eduardo
2020-09Study of the composition effect on the mechanical properties of a material made by Ecuadorian clay and sand for CO2 capture.Tafur Guisao, Juan Pablo; Ávila Sosa, Edward Ebner; Iglesias Palacios, Isaac Alexander
2020-08Preview of a cycle life for steroidal SAPOGENINS extraction from agave AMERICANA LINNAEUS.Viloria Vera, Darío Alfredo; Ricaurte Fernández, Marvin José; Suárez Macias, Katherin Dayana
2020-09High-Pressure experimental system: installation, commissioning and Co2 capture testingRicaurte Fernández, Marvin José; Viloria Vera, Alfredo; Villarroel Ayala, Josselyne Arely
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 26