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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-08Characterization of banana pseudo-stem carbon fibers decorated with gold (Au) nanoparticlesChacón Torres, Julio César; López Ramos, Diana Estefanía
2022-08Characterization of carbon fibers synthesized from banana stem and decorated with cerium oxide (CeO2) nanoparticlesChacón Torres, Julio César; Pineda Molina, María Gabriela
2023-08Corrosion performance of formulated PVA/Chitosan coating in medical grade steelDávalos Monteiro, Raúl Leandro; Chacón Torres, Julio César; Vega Vega, Antonio Venancio
2023-01Molecular surface interaction modeling of Poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) on Multi-walled carbon nanotubesChacón Torres, Julio César; Veintimilla Carrión, Keiko Sahori
2022-08Optical characterization of graphene multi-layers on SiO2Chacón Torres, Julio César; López Loaiza, Xavier Alexander
2022-08Physicochemical characterization of biopolymer extracted from the biodiversity of Ecuador as potential adsorbent for removal of heavy metals ions from wastewaterRamírez Cando, Lenin Javier; Chacón Torres, Julio César; Alexis, Frank; Caicho Caranqui, Jhonny Israel
2022-04State of the art in the use of carbon fibers and their mechanical propertiesChacón Torres, Julio César; Procel Mayacela, Milton Francisco
2019-08Structural and vibronic characterization of alkali-metal exfoliated GNRs dispersed in THFChacón Torres, Julio César; Andrade Guevara, Denise Alexandra
2023-11Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy on CVD graphene-DNA compositesChacón Torres, Julio César; González Vázquez, Gema; Arellano Haro, Daniela Estefania
2023-12Synthesis of caffeine/Poly (vinyl alcohol) polymer with UV-protection propertiesChacón Torres, Julio César; Corredor González, Luis Gerardo; Trujillo Galarza, José Ignacio
2023-08Synthesis of chitosan fibers by electrospinningChacón Torres, Julio César; Corredor González, Luis Gerardo; Solano Orrala, Dulexy Dayana
2021-07Synthesis optimization for reduced graphene oxide-based electrodes from surface modified silica fibersChacón Torres, Julio César; De la Torre Oyola, María José
2019-08Viscosity analysis of clay-carbon nanotubes composites as potential drilling mudsChacón Torres, Julio César; Quilumba Dutan, Verónica Alexandra