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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-08A computer vision model to identify the incorrect use of face masks for COVID-19 awarenessMorocho Cayamcela, Manuel Eugenio; Crespo Yaguana, Jonnathan Fabricio
2023-10A decentralized-based blockchain framework for scientific manuscript peer-reviewMorocho Cayamcela, Manuel Eugenio; Cajas Guncay, Julio Rogers
2021-07A kernel-based strategy to design Convolutional Neural Network Architecture for learning spatial and temporal representation of weather variablesMorocho Cayamcela, Manuel Eugenio; González Vergara, Juan Fernando
2023-11AI eye-tracking algorithm: a neuromarketing tool for website Ad placementMorocho Cayamcela, Manuel Eugenio; Tirado Espín, Christian Andrés; Figueroa Guayllas, Saul Steven
2023-11An improved congestion control mechanism for wireless networks using reinforcement learningAstudillo León, Juan Pablo; Morocho Cayamcela, Manuel Eugenio; Andrade Zambrano, Argenis Ronaldo
2021-03Automatic classification of medical imagesMorocho Cayamcela, Manuel Eugenio; Jiménez Lara, Selena Jahaira
2023-06Boosting image captioning using ConvNeXt deep neural networksMorocho Cayamcela, Manuel Eugenio; Ramos Granda, Leo Thomas
2023-11Calibration of mobility and traffic simulation models through machine learningArmas Andrade, Tito Rolando; Morocho Cayamcela, Manuel Eugenio; De la Cruz Paucar, Franklin Steven
2023-06Deep reinforcement learning for efficient nucleus cell location in digital pap smearsMorocho Cayamcela, Manuel Eugenio; Macancela Bojorque, Carlos Julio
2021-08Development of a software prototype for interactive dimensionality reduction including a representation quality measurementMorocho Cayamcela, Manuel Eugenio; Marín Gaviño, Josué Nicolás
2023-06Dynamic electromagnetic spectrum access through an action-specific deep recurrent Q-networkMorocho Cayamcela, Manuel Eugenio; Lomas Olale, Mateo Sebastián
2021-07Forecasting groundwater level recession patterns through ARIMA and Hidden Markov Model: A comparative studyMorocho Cayamcela, Manuel Eugenio; Chaglla Aguagallo, Diana Karina
2023-11Genetic algorithms for hyperparameter tuning of a DC-UNet Model for medical image segmentationArmas Andrade, Tito Rolando; Morocho Cayamcela, Manuel Eugenio; Quiloango Chimarro, Paola Nathaly; Román Eras, Krishna Gautama
2022-06Image captioning based on a visual attention approachMorocho Cayamcela, Manuel Eugenio; Castro Izurieta, Roberto Raúl
2023-05Image super-resolution through convolutions, hierarchical vision transformer with shifted Windows, and neighbor interpolationMorocho Cayamcela, Manuel Eugenio; Pijal Toapanta, Washington Danilo
2021-05Parkinson’s disease diagnosis using electroencephalographic (EEG) signal processing and machine learning techniquesMorocho Cayamcela, Manuel Eugenio; Pozo Ruiz, Santiago Alexis
2023-11The future of agriculture: detecting tomato maturity levels with YOLOv8Morocho Cayamcela, Manuel Eugenio; Camacho Espín, Jean Carlo
2023-11Web application to learn sign language with deep learningMorocho Cayamcela, Manuel Eugenio; Jami Jami, Bryan Eduardo