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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-10-19Kinetic and Thermodynamic Analysis of High-Pressure CO2 Capture Using Ethylenediamine: Experimental Study and ModelingVillarroel Ayala, Josselyne Arely; Palma Cando, Alex Uriel; Viloria Vera, Dario Alfredo; Ricaurte Fernández, Marvin José
2021-05Kinetical models for facultative bacteria Cupriavidus Necator behavior on oil degradation from comestible oil wastewater industrySommer Márquez, Alicia Estela; Romero López, Henry Bryan
2020-07Kinetics of the Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Polyamines in Iron Coordination Compounds.Saucedo Vázquez, Juan Pablo; López Taco, Iván Augusto
2020-02Kriging and Kalman filter to estimate dynamic spatio-temporal modelsInfante Quirpa, Saba Rafael; Becerra Loaiza, Inti Israel
2021-06Large scale traffic flow simulation using a distributed systemPineda Arias, Israel Gustavo; Clavijo Herrera, Mauro Anibal
2020-12Live vein viewer for patients with Hard-to-Find-VeinsSalum, Graciela Marisa; Espinosa Caro, Manuel Santiago
2020-12Low cost neonatal thermic crib for home use (BioCrib)Salum, Graciela Marisa; Yánez Tamba, Tamia Sisa
2021-01Low-cost system for wrist rehabilitation and treatmentSantiago Vispo, Nelson Francisco; Salum, Graciela Marisa; Feijoo Valarezo, Jenner Patricio
2020-08Magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications and their use in chloroquine deliverySpencer Valero, Lilian Maritza; Gualotuña Pachacama, Daysi Pamela
2020-02Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Analysis of the patient risk, evaluation of the internal regulations and generation of national normative of securitySalum, Graciela Marisa; Sotamba Jimenez, Jaime Javier
2021-09Magnetometry survey applied to geothermal exploration in Chachimbiro, northern of EcuadorMandon, Celine Lucie; Pauta Ordóñez, Javier Ricardo
2021-01Manufacture of thin film memcapacitor aluminum oxide nanopores filled with copper oxide by electrochemical self-organizing templateGonzález Vázquez, Gema; Zapata Gavilanes, Richard Santiago
2021-03Material selection for oil production processes based on actual Ecuadorian oil reserves characteristicsViloria Vera, Dario Alfredo; Bastidas González, Richard Nelson
2022-01Mathematical and computational modeling for the design of smart cities in EcuadorPineda Arias, Israel Gustavo; Yangali Sánchez, Roger Joel
2021-07Mathematical modeling and simulation of the dynamics of the SARS-Cov-2 virusMayorga Zambrano, Juan Ricardo; Romero Romero, Ray Anthony
2021-06Measuring the spin-polarization of oligopeptide molecule: ab initio and tight-binding calculationMowbray, Duncan John; Medina Dagger, Ernesto Antonio; Hidalgo Sacoto, Raúl Alejandro
2022-02Mechanism and control of eutrophication in a freshwater ecosystemRamírez Cando, Lenin Javier; Cadena Herrera, Erick Marcelo
2021-12Metagenomic analysis of exoelectrogenic microorganisms present in the sediments of the Yachay artificial reservoir located in Urcuquí-EcuadorPérez Cárdenas, Mariela Alexandra; Gudiño Gomezjurado, Marco Esteban; Pomasqui Pomasqui, Cintya Alejandra
2021-04Metallic oxides, sulfides, and carbon-based materials as hole extracting layers in organic photovoltaic devicesPalma Cando, Alex Uriel; Frontana Uribe, Bernardo Antonio; Anrango Camacho, Cinthya Anabel
2020-01Microcrystalline cellulose extracted from Ecuadorian native plants as an excipient for solid dosage formulations in drug deliveryAlexis, Frank; Viera Herrera, Camila Fernanda