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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-12Ultrasound-mediated synthesis of Quantum Dots: A comparative review and potential outlooks in biomedicineSantiago Vispo, Nelson Francisco; Estrada Toro, Javier Eduardo
2020-12Upper extremity transhumeral myoelectric prosthesisSalum, Graciela Marisa; Cerón Andrade, Bryan Bolívar
2021-07Use of artificial neural networks for estimating water content of natural gas mixtures taking into account heavy hydrocarbons contributionRicaurte Fernández, Marvin José; Montenegro Madroñero, Jhon Fabián
2020-12Use of Natural Diatoms doped with gold nanoparticles for Gentamicin Drug DeliveryGonzález Vásquez, Gema; Chavez Chico, Eva Anai
2021-06Using big data techniques to measure the performance of professional basketball teamsCuenca Pauta, Erick Eduardo; Corella Parra, Brian Andrew
2022-01Using mining industry wastewater to obtain Prussian blue analogues-silica monolith hybrids: a key to reduce water pollutionSommer Márquez, Alicia Estela; Montesdeoca Arredondo, Kimberly Fernanda
2020-04UV-Absorption of lignin structures extracted from agricultural wastesLópez González, Floralba Aggeny; Sommer Márquez, Alicia Estela; Arcentales Vera, María Belén
2019-08Vegetal natural fiber for surgical Suture applicationsAlexis, Frank; Romero Guambo, María Paula
2021-12Vehicle speed estimation from fixed point camera using projective geometry and object trackingPineda Arias, Israel Gustavo; Mejía Vallejo, Héctor Andrés
2021-07Virtual modeling and design of an optimal light emitting diodes-based photocatalyst test systemCaetano Sousa, Manuel; Palma Cando, Alex Uriel; Fierro Pita, Oscar Alexander
2019-08Viscosity analysis of clay-carbon nanotubes composites as potential drilling mudsChacón Torres, Julio César; Quilumba Dutan, Verónica Alexandra
2022-01Volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits from the Macuchi Formation, EcuadorWeller, Derek James; Ayala Obando, Cristhian Omar
2022-02Web application to predict lung diseases from auscultation signalsTellkamp Tietz, Markus Patricio; Suquilanda Pesantez, Jefferson Daniel
2020-12X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy in carbon-based nanomaterialsChacón Torres, Julio Cesar; Ibarra Barreno, Carolina Mishell
2020-02XRD Analysis Procedure For Clay Minerals – Application To Chachimbiro Geothermal SystemMandon, Celine Lucie; Guillén Pachacama, Doménicca Mileth
2020-09Yeast models as an alternative for pesticide studyGonzales Zubiate, Fernando Alexis; Mollocana Lara, Evelyn Carolina
2019-09Zirconia doped carbon nanotubes a Nanostructured systems for biosensor applicationsGonzález Vásquez, Gema; Jerez Masaquiza, Marlon Danny