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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-04On the theory, design and optimization of Classical and Quantum algorithms for Isogeny-based CryptographyAnton Castro, Francesc; Caamaño Mayorga, Renzo Sebastián
2021-04Existence of a standing wave for a p-Laplacian Schrödinger equationMayorga Zambrano, Juan Ricardo; Burbano Gallegos, Juan Sebastián
2021-04Minimization of quantum free energy functionals defined on W^p Sobolev-like cones of operatorsMayorga Zambrano, Juan Ricardo; Castillo Jaramillo, Sebastian Josué
2021-04A data marketplace system for prediction and statistical analysis over sensitive dataCuenca Lucero, Fredy Enrique; Serrano Palacio, Nicolás Enrique
2021-05Parkinson’s disease diagnosis using electroencephalographic (EEG) signal processing and machine learning techniquesMorocho Cayamcela, Manuel Eugenio; Pozo Ruiz, Santiago Alexis
2021-05Automated identification of breast cancer using digitalized mammogram imagesChang Tortolero, Oscar Guillermo; Chachalo Gómez, Bryan Patricio
2021-05Complete systems of solutions for the stationary Schrödinger equation in the planeFernandes Campos, Hugo Miguel; Pinango Nuñez, José Isidro
2021-06Using big data techniques to measure the performance of professional basketball teamsCuenca Pauta, Erick Eduardo; Corella Parra, Brian Andrew
2021-05Dynamical networks with global interactions: communication, encryption, and collective behaviorCosenza Miceli, Mario Giuseppe; Flor Peñafiel, Mario Francisco
2021-05Automatic high-resolution ananlysis of pap test cellsChang Tortolero, Oscar Guillermo; Toapanta Maila, Bryan Oswaldo