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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-09Ab initio studies of bulk and (001) surfaces of the metal halide double perovskite Cs2Au2Cl6Pinto Esparza, Henry Paúl; Vizcaino Rojas, Anthony Myron
2020-10Ab initio study of the structural and electronic properties of Niobium Sulfide (NbS 2 ) and Lithium Niobium Sulfide (LiNbS 2 ) bulk and (001) surfacesPinto Esparza, Henry Paúl; Vega Bazantes, Jorge David
2023-10Computational studies of novel UIO-66-based MOF, stability, electronic structure and defectsPinto Esparza, Henry Paúl; Guerrero Cabrera, Nicole Paulette
2023-07Computational studies of the metal-organic framework Cu2(CO2)4 + H2ABDC-X, (X = F, Cl, Br): stability, electronic structure, and defectsPinto Esparza, Henry Paúl; Vera Guzmán, Eder René
2021-12Computational studies of the size-effect and temperature on the electronic structure and stability of TiO2 nanoclustersPinto Esparza, Henry Paúl; Sánchez Naranjo, Jennifer Anaís
2021-12Electronic structure of nobel-graphene based superlatticesPinto Esparza, Henry Paúl; Garzón Armendáriz, Doménica Nicole
2020-04First-principles studies of the electronic and mechanical properties of 𝛼-Al/𝛾-Al2O3(111) multilayer compositePinto Esparza, Henry Paúl; Vásconez López, Edwin Marcelo
2023-08First-principles ultrafast charge carrier dynamics of methylammonium lead halide perovskitesPinto Esparza, Henry Paúl; Cabrera Aguilar, Ariel Moisés
2020-11In Silico prediction of antibacterial activity of sesquiterpene lactones using density-functional theory and quantitative structure-activity relationship methodsPinto Esparza, Henry Paúl; Puga Montesdeoca, Fabián Aníbal
2020-07Solving the atomic structure of ultra-thin CaF2 layers on the Si(100) surfacePinto Esparza, Henry Paúl; Salazar Mejía, Joshua Mateo
2019-08The Electronic Structure of the Magnetite Fe3O4 (100) Surface: Implications for the Fabrication of Fe3O4 NanoparticlesPinto Esparza, Henry Paúl; Tipán Quishpe, Byron Xavier