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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024-03Computer-assisted mispronunciation detection system for L2 kichwa speechFonseca Delgado, Rigoberto Salomón; Morales Navarrete, Diego Fabián; Velasco Silva, Ricardo Isaías
2024-03Stochastic modeling and predicting of academic performanceMorales Navarrete, Diego Fabián; Chamorro Cupuerán, Kevin Andrés; Morejón Campoverde, María Mishel
2024-03Gaussian process prior to estimate the SIR epidemic modelInfante Quirpa, Saba Rafael; Velasco Ramírez, Byron Andrés
2024-04Deep learning techniques for hate speech detection on twitter during the 2022 national strike in EcuadorCuenca Pauta, Erick Eduardo; Escobar Cordova, Silvana Karina; Menoscal Saltos, Wilter José
2024-04Deep convolutional generative adversarial networks (DCGANs) applied to synthetic image augmentation to improve object classification for Alzheimer diseaseFonseca Delgado, Rigoberto Salomón; Moncada Da Silva, Claudia Maria
2024-04Human actions recognition system based on neural networksFonseca Delgado, Rigoberto Salomón; Brito Medina, Juan Diego
2024-04Forecasting exchange rate with deep learning algorithms: the US Dollar (USD) to Colombian Peso (COP) caseCuenca Pauta, Erick Eduardo; Lucero Burbano, Alejandra Valeria
2024-04Drone detection and antidrone system using YOLO: an effective approach to airspace securityIza Paredes, Cristhian Rene; Astudillo Tobar, Jaime Vicente
2024-04A bijection between the triangulation of the associahedron and the parking functionsAnton Castro, Francesc; Rosero Pozo, Pablo Sebastian; Zhigue Álvarez, Dayana Mishel
2024-05Bird identification with advanced deep learning techniques for biodiversity conservationAstudillo León, Juan Pablo; Farinango Romero, Ricardo Joseph