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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-12Numerical study of Hilltop Inflationary (HI) ModelRojas Cely, Clara Inés; Zambrano Faubla, Jordan Alberto
2022-12Numerical Study of the Chaotic Inflationary Model with a StepRojas Cely, Clara Inés; Vega Pallo, Jonathan Javier
2023-07Numerical study of the natural inflation (NI) modelRojas Cely, Clara Inés; Quinatoa Catucuago, Rony David
2019-08Scattering of scalar relativistic particle by the Lambert-W potentialRojas Cely, Clara Inés; Puente Lapuerta, Luis Germán
2022-08Study of hydrogenic model of dyons with zero spinRojas Cely, Clara Inés; García Veloz, Edison Fernando
2023-06Study of the DKP equation for the hyperbolic tangent potentialRojas Cely, Clara Inés; Valladares Sánchez, Sebastián Mateo
2020-07Study of the scalar cosmological perturbations up to first order in deviation for the chaotic inflationary model.Rojas Cely, Clara Inés; Tapia Mora, Truman Emanuel
2021-10Study of the scalar power spectrum in the generalized Starobinsky modelRojas Cely, Clara Inés; Meza Anzules, Stefano Rafael
2021-05Study of the Starobinsky inflationary model into the slow-roll approximationRojas Cely, Clara Inés; Orozco Sánchez, Esteban Alejandro
2021-08Study of the tensor power spectrum for the Starobinsky inflationary model using the uniform approximation methodRojas Cely, Clara Inés; Altamirano Coello, David Alejandro
2023-07Unravelling the multi-scale and turbulent structure of galactic windsBanda Barragán, Wladimir Eduardo; Rojas Cely, Clara Inés; Villares Guanga, Andrés Santiago