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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-07Kinetics of the Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Polyamines in Iron Coordination Compounds.Saucedo Vázquez, Juan Pablo; López Taco, Iván Augusto
2023-08Overcoming the nitrogen inertness through a metal-organic approach: a theory-experimental convergenceSaucedo Vázquez, Juan Pablo; Villa Arpi, Jean Carlos
2021-06Oxidative dehydrogenation of macrocyclic ligands coordinated to nickel and copperSaucedo Vázquez, Juan Pablo; Masapanta Yugcha, Nelson Estorgio
2021-06Spectroscopic and redox properties of biomimetics of copper metalloproteins: a practical and theoretical approachSaucedo Vázquez, Juan Pablo; Terencio, Thibault; Iglesias Moncayo, María Emilia
2019-08Study of High-Valent Iron Intermediates in biological and biomimetic systemsSaucedo Vázquez, Juan Pablo; Cordova Torres, Airina Valentina
2020-03Study of metalloproteins involved in nitrogen fixation in sugarcane.Saucedo Vázquez, Juan Pablo; Chicaiza Lema, Michelle Beatriz
2020-04Study of the chemical behavior of transition metal coordination compounds with organic ligandsSuppan Flores, Gottfried Andrés; Saucedo Vázquez, Juan Pablo; Chiguano Tapia, Bryan Steven
2020-02Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of cobalt and nickel Complexes of perezone and related ligandsSaucedo Vázquez, Juan Pablo; Medina Chalacan, Rosa Cecilia
2020-03Synthesis of inorganic biomimetics of the FeMo cofactor of Nitrogenase enzyme.Saucedo Vázquez, Juan Pablo; Sosa Torres, Martha Elena; Jiménez Guailla, Steven Javier
2020-03Synthesis, characterization, and cell viability studies of coordination compounds with transition metals and polydentate ligands based on ethylenediamineSaucedo Vázquez, Juan Pablo; Menoscal Saltos, Diego David
2022-01Theoretical study of interaction of COVID-19 palliative chlorine dioxide with hemoglobin analogsSaucedo Vázquez, Juan Pablo; Andrade Mina, Pamela Alejandra
2020-09Theoretical study on the Photoactivated anticancer drugs based on platinum coordination compounds.Saucedo Vázquez, Juan Pablo; Thibault, Terencio; Cárdenas Cárdenas, Paula Gabriela